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Our Role


  • General analysis of the Italian market and in the countries, scope of action: Croatia, Slovenia and Greece.

  • Organization of specific promotion activities in the local market, such as fairs and exhibitions, trade missions, market research and other promotional activities.

  • Assistance to Peruvian companies and institutions through the provision of information on local markets and business opportunities, preparation of market studies, information on requirements and access regulations.

  • Assistance in the preparation and development of trade missions, visits to potential buyers, among others, as long as the request is filed at least two months in advance of the desired date.

  • Information on the Peruvian exportable offer to importers, buyers and / or local distributors, as well as on exporting companies or consortia.

  • Assistance to italian, croatian, slovenian and greek companies and individuals interested in investing in Peru as well as assistance to potential Peruvian investors interested in local business and investment endeavors.

  • Provide information to companies, business associations, public and academic institutions in commercial matters, investments and tourism.

  • Provide support in all commercial promotion, investment and tourism activities in coordination with business associations and related public institutions

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